100% Mexican Product:

Nutribits products are grown in 100% mexican fields where the quality and hygiene are priority to offered the best products to the actual market.


Washing and disinfected

All our products are introduced in washing filtration systems and disinfected to offer the best products to our customers.


Primus ( good manufacturing practices):

We have the certification of PrimusGFS, which validates us as a company that complies with the food safety administration systems.


Ready to eat

Our field not only covers products that need to be washed before being ingested, we also have more than 15 ready-to-eat products currently on the market that meet the needs of many of our customers day after day. Know them all


Without Consevatives

Our products are characterized by being 100% free of preservatives, this to introduce the natural flavors that the planet offers to each of our customers.


Healthy life style:

In Nutribits we care about your lifestyle, that’s why our products in addition to providing vitamins and minerals together develop new ways to have a healthy life without the need to consume sugars artificial.